Clearbot launches new solar-powered, self-driving boats to clean up ocean waste in India

Clearbot launches new solar-powered, self-driving boats to clean up ocean waste in India

Hong Kong-based marine tech start-up Clearbot is set to launch a new generation of bigger solar-powered autonomous boats to boost its efforts to clean up polluted waters in India.

Clearbot’s latest fleet of self-driving electric boats will each have the capacity to pick up around 500kg of plastic waste and other rubbish from the ocean when they are expected to be deployed in March. That is double the capacity of each of the company’s current water-borne robotic cleaners operating in the seas and lakes of India.

The start-up founded by University of Hong Kong graduates is hoping to electrify the marine services industry, according to Utkarsh Goel, co-founder and chief technology officer.

“We want to build these boats that do this dirty, dirty job that is happening with [manned, diesel] boats around the world and automate them and make them more sustainable,” said Goel in an interview.
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