Ba Van Hill grows into Vietnam’s largest livestock gene pool

Ba Van Hill grows into Vietnam’s largest livestock gene pool

THÁI NGUYÊN The Bá Vân Horse Breeding Farm, now the Mountain Livestock Research and Development Centre in Bình Sơn commune, Sông Công City, Thái Nguyên Province was established in April 1960 to research and transfer horse breeding techniques to serve the lives and production of ethnic communities in the northern mountainous region.

Since its establishment, the centre has faced numerous challenges and hardships, mirroring the difficulties of the nation. Today the Mountain Livestock Research and Development Centre is known as the institution that researches and preserves the largest gene pool of horses and buffalo in the country. With its predecessor being the Bá Vân Horse Breeding Farm, the centre has accumulated many years of experience in researching and developing horse breeds in Việt Nam.

In the past, horses were closely linked with the daily lives of people in the northern mountainous ethnic communities. Horses served as transportation, cargo carriers, and draught animals for ploughing fields and pulling carts. There was a significant demand for various horse breeds to meet the needs of people’s livelihoods.

Notably, the border guard forces in provinces like Điện Biên, Hà Giang and Cao Bằng still ride horses when patrolling and guarding along the border. And although transportation has become more convenient and modern, especially in border areas with challenging terrain, horses remain valuable assets for the people in mountainous regions.le's livelihoods.
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