An excursion route dedicated to the families of great people was launched in Kislovodsk

An excursion route dedicated to the families of great people was launched in Kislovodsk

A new excursion route "Great people and their families in the history of Kislovodsk" has been launched in Kislovodsk.

The educational walk is free for everyone. This was announced by the administration of the resort city on its website.

"The tour itself takes you through the historical center of Kislovodsk, where you can get acquainted with the original and very beautiful architecture of the city, as well as learn from the guide about the great people and their families who influenced the culture and history of Kislovodsk at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Anyone can participate in our excursions. We guarantee a lot of emotions from what we saw and heard," the words of the head of Kislovodsk, Yevgeny Moiseev, are quoted in the message.

As the mayor said, the theme of this route is related to the fact that 2024 has been declared the Year of the Family in Russia.

In his opinion, visiting free excursions is a great way for residents and guests of the resort to learn a lot of new things and have an interesting time.

"For the second year, we have traditionally formed a schedule of free excursions for the next 30 days in the last days of the month. And our experience shows that such events are very popular," Moiseev said.

As stated in the message, the administration of Kislovodsk, together with tour companies, conducts free walking tours on a monthly basis. To date, guests and residents of the city can visit seven different routes.
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