A multimedia visitor center opened in the Russian North national park in the Vologda region

A multimedia visitor center opened in the Russian North national park in the Vologda region

Source: https://iacgov.ru
A tourist visit center of the Russian North National Park has opened in the village of Goritsy, Kirillovsky district, Vologda region. Last year, with funds from the Ecology national project, a two-story building with an area of 290 square meters was built, and in 2023 an exhibition was set up - 10 thematic blocks in three halls. Today, the visitor center is completely ready for tourists to visit and has no analogues in the Vologda region, the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources reported on its website.

“We tried to create a unique, diverse exhibition so that the magnificence of visual, technical, content and semantic solutions would transfer into the perception and experience of each individual visitor as deeply personal, people would see and fall in love with our Russian North and return here again,” noted the director of the Russian North National Park » Alexey Kuznetsov, quoted by the ministry.

According to him, thanks to architects, designers, builders, specialists in creating meaningful spaces and museums, designers and artists, a modern, interactive, multimedia visitor center has appeared in the national park, which will attract visitors of different ages and will become one of the “centers of attraction.”

“The location for the construction of the facility was not chosen by chance; it is located near the pier of tourist ships, which is called the “Water Gate of the Russian North.” Whatever walking route a tourist chooses, his path will pass by the visitor center,” the message says.

The exhibition is divided into thematic blocks telling about the national park - “Geology”, “The Kingdom of Orchids”, “Nature of the Sheksna River Coast”, “Fundamentals of Life Safety in Nature”, “Northern Thebaid”, “Freshwater Reservoirs. Reserved Lake" and others. Participants of the excursions will be able to visit the forest during a thunderstorm and hear the sounds of the forest.

“By visiting the exhibition, you can see the processes of formation of significant natural objects of the national park - the Maura, Sandyrev, Tsypin mountains, trace the ontogenesis of the Red Book lady's slipper, and look into the field laboratory of scientists,” said the Ministry of Natural Resources.

They noted that the village of Goritsy, where the visitor center was built, is an important point for the development of cruise tourism on the Volga-Baltic waterway. In just eight months of this year, 287 ship calls were recorded in the Kirillovsky municipal district of the Vologda region, and 72% of them occurred in Goritsy. In 2023, the cruise flow of tourists in the village exceeded 35 thousand people.

The Russian North National Park, created 31 years ago, is known not only for its natural sites, but also for its historical and cultural monuments - monasteries, fortresses, which are examples of northern architecture. On the territory of the national park there are five especially valuable natural sites, 106 lakes, seven landscape areas formed by global glacial processes, 79 architectural monuments, 51 archaeological sites.

“The visit center will allow us to take the environmental and educational role of the specially protected natural area to a new level, become a new milestone in the development of tourism in the Vologda region, give a new impetus to the development of the tourism potential of the specially protected natural area, increase people’s interest in visiting unique natural complexes and historical sites -cultural heritage,” the message quotes the words of Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia Sergei Anoprienko.
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