A lynx with two kittens was recorded in the Kaluga zasek

A lynx with two kittens was recorded in the Kaluga zasek

Source: https://www.mnr.gov.ru/
The press service of the Kaluga Zaseki Nature Reserve reported that the camera traps captured unique footage: a lynx came to the feeding ground for bison. She was accompanied by two grown-up kittens.

Experts note that the female caught in the footage is in good physical shape, as well as her cubs. This suggests that the lynx family has enough food resources – rodents, hares and birds.

The Eurasian lynx is a rare predator listed in the Red Book of the Kaluga Region. There are relatively few of them in the reserve: only 7-8 individuals in the southern section and no more than 3-4 in the northern one. At the same time, Kaluga Zaseki is the place with the maximum density of this species in the region.

Adult cats usually give birth to 1-2 cubs, it is extremely rare for them to have three kittens in one brood, while females do not bring kittens every year.
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