The European Commission accused 10 EU countries of violating the rights of travelers

The European Commission accused 10 EU countries of violating the rights of travelers

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The European Commission launched a disciplinary procedure against 10 European Union member states for violations of EU legislation that provides refunds to travelers for trips that were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The EU's highest executive authority sent warning letters to the authorities of France, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Croatia, requiring them to provide explanations within two months and take measures to eliminate the violations identified.

Otherwise, the European Commission has threatened to file a complaint with the EU court of justice.

This situation completely discouraged Europeans from traveling within the United Europe and led to the understanding that this summer it is better for them to spend their holidays in their native Penates. This is confirmed by the minimal congestion of European airports and empty tourist centers, such as Paris, Rome, Lisbon or Athens.

"National approaches are damaging our single market and will slow the long-awaited recovery of aviation and tourism," said Thomas Reinaert, CEO of Airlines for Europe, a group of sixteen airlines.

In turn, Olivier Yankovec from ACI Europe, which represents 500 airports in 45 European countries, said that non-compliance by EU members with the joint agreement reached by them negatively affects consumer confidence.

Based on the fact that the re-closure of internal borders in the EU is possible due to the threat of a new wave of coronavirus and the countries of the community for this reason are unlikely to give up their opportunistic position, the tourist season in Europe is definitely doomed.

This will further exacerbate the economic downturn caused by quarantine measures, especially in those EU countries whose economies are most dependent on tourism.