Expert Reports

Expert Reports

Space tourism: entertainment for the rich
According to experts, a new type of tourism will gain momentum, if geopolitical realities allow, of course
The strategy is formally established
It is planned to implement 65 action items aimed at developing tourism in Russia until 2035
Sergey Ivanov: It will take at least another 10 years to clean up our Arctic
The Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation spoke about the waste disposal program in the Arctic, ecotourism problems and the development of the Northern Sea Route
Where to go on vacations in August at a reasonable price
The Association of Tour Operators of Russia announced the vacation destinations offered at a reasonable price in the last month of summer
Departure ticket
What should be done in case you bought a tour from a bankrupt tour operator

Tourism in Europe: a rapidly recovering industry
Experts expect the growth of indicators above the pre-pandemic level by 2023
The Arctic welcomes tourists
The Arctic area of Russia will soon turn into a tourist region
Will Russia become a country with a tourism economy?
Russia’s pivot from commodities extraction to development of its vast territories as tourism destinations exceeds US$30 billion
Concept of the ski tourism development until 2035 to appear in Russia
The number of skiers at the Russian resorts may double after the modernization of infrastructure, according to Rostourism
The hopes of European tourism
According to experts, the demand for trips to Europe will grow significantly in the second half of 2021

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