The exhibition "Artery of the Far North" opened in Norilsk

The exhibition "Artery of the Far North" opened in Norilsk

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The exhibition "Artery of the Far North" launched on the Day of the Polar Explorer of Russia. The exposition at the Rodina cinema complex became an artistic report on the week-long trip of Norilsk residents on the Monchegorsk diesel-electric ship along the Northern Sea Route.

The famous Norilsk photographer Vitas Beneta and Anton Zaitsev, manager of the public relations department of the Polar branch of Norilsk Nickel, spent a week on the ship and traveled more than two thousand kilometers along the Yenisei, Kara and Barents Seas. Now Norilsk residents will be able to see the harsh Arctic and the way to the mainland through the eyes of newly converted polar explorers.

The pictures were taken with a camera and using a quadcopter. The exhibition is complemented by information posters telling about the fleet of the Murmansk transport branch and the Dudinsky seaport, which is considered the northern gateway to the Great Northern Route.

The exposition "Artery of the Far North" will be open until June 10 inclusive, reports.

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