One hundred thousand municipal solid waste sent for sorting in the Murmansk Ecotechnopark

One hundred thousand municipal solid waste sent for sorting in the Murmansk Ecotechnopark

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For 9 months more than 100,000 tons of solid municipal waste have been sent to the Murmansk Ecotechnopark for sorting, the press service of the government of the Murmansk region reported.

At the production sites of the waste sorting complex about 10 types of recyclables are extracted from the total mass of incoming solid municipal waste.

The production technology allows to extract 4 types of PET bottles, HDPE bottles, LDPE and HDPE cans, as well as several types of high and low pressure films from waste.

Plastic bottles traditionally predominate in the structure of secondary material resources entering the Ecotechnopark. They are also in the greatest demand among processing enterprises.

For 9 months the regional operator has sold 273 tons of PET bottles. Aluminum cans, scrap of ferrous metals, cardboard are also considered to be in demand recyclables. After sorting, useful fractions are sent to specialized factories in other Russian regions.

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