Murmansk hosts the Cultural Arctic Forum

Murmansk hosts the Cultural Arctic Forum

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The Cultural Arctic Forum on culture and tourism development is being held in Murmansk.

The purpose of the event is to record successes and outline further trajectories of regional development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation in the field of culture, eco-friendly tourism and creative entrepreneurship.

The program of the forum is extensive and includes the Cultural Arctic festival, various volunteer actions. Volunteers of the Combine of Good, the Norilsk Nickel corporate movement, will take part in the work of sections of the business program "Corporate Volunteerism and Volunteers of Arctic Culture".

Irina Zhuikova, Director of the Social Policy Department of Norilsk Nickel, spoke about the interest of corporate business in a developed cultural environment and a diverse network of creative entrepreneurs in the Arctic, including in single-industry towns, during the discussion "Creative Industries and corporate business in the Arctic".

"When we invite people to work in the Murmansk region, we must understand that they have a request for a comfortable urban environment, urban services, leisure, where they could spend time with their family, a cultural, eventful life. By supporting entrepreneurs, we create new scenarios for the development of cities, ensuring the development of new services and services in the city, the appearance of new goods," she said.

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