Expert Reports

Expert Reports

Respecting the law on tourism
Some opinions on how the law on the development of tourism in specially protected natural areas works
Enjoying the spring drip-drop
EcoTourism EXPERT compiled a list of spring tours to suit all tastes and budgets
More than a Journey
The main attraction in each region of Russia will be named on March 15

A digital Tourist ID may appear in Russia
Lawmakers are discussing the creation of a unified digital travel ecosystem across the country

The senators were surprised at the scale of renovation and ‘northern buses’ in Norilsk
The Arctic for living and traveling
Bears roaming about the forest
Bears were counted in Sochi
Heated bus-stops in Norilsk will become the standard for the entire Russian Arctic - the Minister for Development of the Far East and the Arctic
Aleksey Chekunkov spoke about the prospects for the Arctic agglomerations and attracting more tourists to the Arctic region
Soft loans to be invested in large-scale tourism projects
The number of large-scale mountain ski resorts in Russia may grow by 2 or 3 times
A journey into the digital tomorrow
Travel social networks, artificial intelligence recommendations and voice navigation - this is how the Russian tourism industry sees the future of the travel services market
Enjoying the clickety-clack of steel wheels on polished rails
The Russians can use seven foreign railway routes to go abroad

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