The international forum "Arctic Tourism Week" will be held in Norilsk from 9 to 13 April

The international forum "Arctic Tourism Week" will be held in Norilsk from 9 to 13 April

04-09-2023 - 04-13-2023
Date: 04-09-2023 - 04-13-2023
Place: Norilsk, Leninsky Prospekt, 34
The international forum "Arctic Tourism Week", which will be held in Norilsk from April 9 to 13, will allow the participants of the event to discuss the development of sustainable tourism in the interests of the economy and social sphere of the Russian Arctic.

Issues such as ensuring the principles of sustainable development of tourism, the natural resources of the region and what effects the development of tourism in the Arctic has will be discussed by experts during plenary sessions and round tables.

In addition, representatives of the tourism industry of the Arctic regions will tell how to “print out” locations and entire regions for tourists and share best practices for promoting their products, about the features of preferential regimes, new technologies in the hotel business, and share their opinion on how to develop ethno-cultural tourism and consider successful cases from different regions, discuss the development of a cruise destination in the Arctic zone, provided for by the Concept for the development of cruise tourism in Russia, how to involve the scientific community in the formation of a tourist product, and how professional expeditions of scientific public organizations help to form new tourist routes.

In addition, experts - the restaurant business of the Arctic and industry authorities of the regions will tell you how to reveal the culture and traditions of the Arctic through cuisine and why festivals are needed.

Following the results of the forum, a press conference will also be held to sum up the results of the business program of the Arctic Tourism Week.
Invited to participate: Dmitry Karasev, Mayor of Norilsk; Maxim Mironov, director of ANO Norilsk Development Agency; Olga Zakharova, Director of the Urban Economy Division, ANO Agency for Strategic Initiatives; Vadim Mamontov, founder of Russia Discovery, head of the PCT Adventure Tourism Committee.

 On the last day, a performance by the Polar Drama Theater named after Vl. Mayakovsky.
Venue: Norilsk Drama Theater named after Vl. Mayakovsky Address: Norilsk, Leninsky Prospekt, 34