10 romantic places for lovers in Europe

10 romantic places for lovers in Europe

What could be better than to treat yourself to a summer vacation accompanied by a loved one. Together, admire the beauty of the landscape or the sunset over the sea, enjoy relaxing on the hot sand or taste local delicacies in the restaurant with traditional cuisine... All these are unforgettable pleasures that will stay with you forever. If you are planning to travel to the other side of the world for an unforgettable vacation together, think again. The change of scenery is much closer than you can imagine. We have selected for you the ten best destinations for a romantic holiday this summer in Europe.


Mallorca is an island with some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain, small hidden coves and magnificent landscapes. In between vacations, explore this island, which has a lot to offer you: from caves to medieval castles, from picturesque villages to diving sites known for their rich marine fauna and flora. Do you want to have fun until dawn? There are hundreds of bars, nightclubs or pleasure parties with feet in the water at your disposal.



Antalya, with its magnificent beaches, outstanding natural and archaeological sites and an incredible sense of celebration, has earned the title of the Turkish riviera. Do not be afraid to get lost in the intertwining alleys of the romantic Kaleichi district before heading to its old harbor, from which you can admire the view from the cape, which can be reached by a panoramic elevator. Antalya is known for its paradisiacal beaches of Mermerli, Ornecca, Lara or Inciralti, located near the city center. They offer a variety of water activities such as diving, surfing, fishing, jet skiing, and horse riding. Do not miss the traditional Turkish bath, as Antalya now has steam rooms where a man and a woman can be together.


Split, a real little pearl of the Adriatic, is an ideal place for a summer vacation for lovers. The neighborhoods of the old town and the magnificent beaches are all in close proximity to its center. Among the sights of the old city included in the UNESCO World Heritage List are the Diocletian's Palace, built in 293 AD, and the world's oldest functioning Cathedral of St. Domnius. Do you need to recharge your batteries in the bosom of nature? Go for a walk along the wooded Maryan Hill, adjacent to the city nature reserve. The road is steep, but the panorama that awaits you at its top deserves it. After going back down, relax and swim on Bene Beach. And if all this has given you an appetite, stop by the small restaurant in the harbor to taste local delicacies.


How can you not succumb to the charm of this island in the Cyclades? While many newlyweds stay here during their honeymoon, Santorini as a whole is one of the favorite places for a couple to relax. Enjoy the lunar beauty of the volcanic landscapes of Nea Kameni Island, contrasting with the blue of the sea, before taking a dip in the nearby hot springs of amazing orange color. Visit Pyrgos, the highest village on the main island. Its cobbled streets, bright white facades and incredible panorama will enchant you. Do not leave Santorini without enjoying the silence of Eros Beach.


Do you think you know everything about the French Riviera? She still gives you a lot of surprises. The Cote d'Azur with its beaches, gardens and back country is an idyllic place for a romantic getaway, starting with Nice. Its magnificent and must-visit Promenade des Anglais invites you to exciting walks, for example, to Chambon Park, where there is an ancient bandstand, renamed the Temple of Love. Famous for its brilliance and magnificent bay, Cannes also boasts a very beautiful old town, which is worth a bike ride. Don't forget to visit the former fishing village of Saint-Tropez, explore the old harbor and climb up to the citadel.


The Amalfi coast, known as one of the most beautiful in Europe, stretches for almost 50 kilometers along the Sorrento Peninsula. Its sheer cliffs and clear waters evoke romantic feelings. Poets say that it was here that Odysseus met the mermaids. Be sure to make a stop in the beautiful city of Amalfi, as well as in the villages of Positano, Praiano or Ravello overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. A little further south, do not miss Sorrento, as well as the island of Capri, located opposite it, which is easily accessible by boat and ferry.


This autonomous municipality in the Basque Country in northern Spain is located between the sea and the mountains. Summers are sunny and mild here. Zurriola Beach is especially popular among surf and windsurfing enthusiasts. San Sebastian has many other surprises in store. Urgull Mountain proudly towers over the city and its bay from a height of 123 meters. The city itself attracts architectural eclecticism. Modern structures and buildings in Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque styles harmoniously coexist here.


The coastline of the Algarve province in southern Portugal stretches for more than 150 kilometers. Located at the junction of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the region has an ideal summer climate with average temperatures not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. The mandatory program includes visiting sandy beaches and swimming together against the background of charming landscapes. Don't forget to also visit the ancient fortress city of Lagos and the charming medieval Silves before heading to the seaside resort of Vilamoura. And, of course, it is impossible not to visit the historical center of the Algarve – the city of Farah, which is home to many architectural nuggets, including the citadel and the church of Nossa Senhora do Carmo.


Bordeaux knows how to charm lovers. It is impossible not to succumb to the romance of its ancient white stone facades, squares and parks, but especially the Garonne River with beautifully reconstructed embankments. Stop at the Chaban-Delmas Bridge to admire one of the most beautiful views of Bordeaux. You will be pleasantly surprised by the Darwin space dedicated to street art, the submarine base that has become a museum, as well as the Wave Surf cafe with an artificial wave.



The city of Doge is called a paradise for lovers. Everything is romantic here: the architecture is extremely elegant, palaces with facades full of secrets, stone bridges and fountains. The mysterious and romantic spirit of Venice persists throughout the year. Must-see attractions include St. Mark's Square, the Doge's Palace and the La Fenice Theater.