The restaurants with Michelin stars in Moscow has increased the influx of tourists

The restaurants with Michelin stars in Moscow has increased the influx of tourists


After a number of Moscow restaurants entered the authoritative rating, not only residents of other regions of Russia, but also foreign travelers, especially from Arab countries, became more interested in trips to the capital, reports the portal. In particular, the demand for gastronomic tours has grown. In addition, more requests for trips to Moscow are recorded in search engines.

“In the nine months of 2021, more than 15 million people visited Moscow, most of which are domestic tourists. The flow of tourists to the capital has not fully recovered; in pre-pandemic 2019, the city received 19 million guests,” said in a statement.

The portal refers to the words of the head of the city tourism committee, Ekaterina Pronicheva, that tourists have become more interested in traveling not only for haute cuisine, but also for shopping and main attractions.

In the fall of 2021, the most authoritative restaurant rating, the Michelin Guide, awarded two restaurants in Moscow two stars each and seven establishments one star each. In total, the guide includes 69 restaurants of the capital. 15 of them are marked with the BIB Gourmand label as providing "good food for reasonable money," notes

The first guide was published in 1900 by André Michelin, who was one of the founders of the Michelin tire company. Initially, it presented a list of places that could be useful to travelers - hotels, repair shops, eateries, parking lots, etc. The modern Michelin rating system for restaurants originated in the 1930s.

Thus, assigning one star to an establishment means that it is a very good restaurant in its category (in a particular type of cuisine).

Two stars indicate excellent cuisine - for the sake of such a restaurant, it is worth adjusting the travel itinerary.

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