The protected zone is set near a rock with petroglyphs on the coast of Lake Baikal

The protected zone is set near a rock with petroglyphs on the coast of Lake Baikal

The press service of the regional government reported that now the natural monument "Petroglyphs near the village of Kurtun" in the Olkhonsky district will be under special protection. It is a rocky remnant, on which rock carvings made in red and yellow ocher have been preserved. In the drawings you can see a horse, anthropomorphic figures, dots and stripes.

Protected zones are created to prevent adverse anthropogenic pressure on natural reserves, national parks, natural parks and natural monuments on adjacent land and water bodies.

Nine natural monuments in the Irkutsk region already have such zones. Among them are “Lake Heart”, “Spring of Mount Veseloy”, “Island of Cormorant Stone”, “Skalnik “Five Brothers”, “Karst Spring”, “Mount Chapaevka”, “Outcrop of volcanic rocks in the area of the weather station “Khamar-Daban”. The total area of protected zones is 179.63 hectares.
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