Sochi resort "Rosa Khutor" issues a report on sustainable development

Sochi resort "Rosa Khutor" issues a report on sustainable development

Source: Rosa Khutor

The resort published the second edition of the corporate non-financial report. The Sustainability Report contains data on the current state of the largest Russian mountain resort, which in the winter season 2021-2022 offers guests 105 kilometers of prepared ski slopes, about 3,000 rooms in 19 hotels as well as apart-hotels and 32 ski lifts.

In accordance with the strategy announced in 2018, Rosa Khutor adheres to priorities in seven key areas: unique experiences for guests, preservation of natural and historical heritage, care for the future generation and a cohesive team, efficient resource management and responsible waste management.

For the period 2018-2021, the resort reduced electricity consumption by 16%, gas - by 33%, water - by 24%.

On average, Rosa Khutor sends more than 16 tons of cardboard and paper, a ton of plastic and about 5 tons of glass to the recycling market every month. In terms of volume, these indicators cover about 40% of the total waste stream generated.

About 1.7 million guests visit Rosa Khutor every year. The resort strives to provide them with quality service and the best experience. These efforts have been recognized with appropriate awards. In 2020, Rosa Khutor was recognized for the eighth time as the best ski resort in Russia according to the prestigious World Ski Awards, and in 2021 - the TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice sign from users of the popular TripAdvisor service.

Availability, comfort and safety for guests is ensured by a team of 2,500 to 3,300 people, depending on the season. The unique atmosphere is supported by about 200 businesses providing accommodation, catering, retail, as well as excursion, entertainment and various recreational services.

Active natural tourism as a strategic direction of development has also received a significant breakthrough. By the summer of 2021, the resort operated 13 nature and tourist excursion routes, the length of which was 100 kilometers.

Currently, the creation of infrastructure for all-season natural recreation in the immediate vicinity continues.

Preservation of natural heritage invariably occupies an important place in the resort's agenda. For the period 2018-2020 translocation was provided from high-risk areas in order to preserve 6895 specimens of plants of rare species included in the Red Books of the Russian Federation and / or Krasnodar Territory. The Rosa Khutor resort also carried out a compensatory planting of 118 forest trees, the species of which are classified as prohibited for harvesting.

“Work is underway to study and support the welfare of wild animals living in the territory of the resort, for this purpose a network of feeding grounds has been deployed. Thanks to the camera traps installed along the migration routes of animals, we obtain data on the species diversity of animals, their behavior and habits. Noble Caucasian deer, chamois, roe deer, wild boars, bears, jackals, foxes, martens, badgers, raccoons live here.

On the Aibga Ridge conditions have been developed for the habitat of a group of Caucasian chamois numbering more than 40 individuals. Thanks to our care and without the risk of becoming a victim of a poacher, every year they become more tolerant of the presence of people and more often allow tourists to watch them from a safe distance,” says Dmitry Kolosov, Rosa Khutor resort sustainable development director.

Acting as a responsible industry leader, the resort invests significant efforts in the development of skiing and sports culture in Russia. In 2020, Rosa Khutor hosted the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup for women, and the annual running competition gathers many fans of this sport. Every year, several tens of thousands of people, half of whom are children, acquire skills in skiing and snowboarding on the slopes of the resort.

Rosa Khutor provides free access to cable cars and tracks for students and coaches of sports schools. In the winter season 2020/2021, 360 young athletes trained here. Since 2017, the resort has annually hosted the All-Russian program of therapeutic sports "Dream League" for children with special needs.

The source of information for the sustainability report was Rosa Khutor's own data provided by employees of its divisions. They have not been audited, verified or otherwise verified by outsiders. Its compilers were inspired (but not guided) by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) international sustainability reporting standards, series 100. The report is published in Russian in electronic form on the official website of the Rosa Khutor Resort on the Internet: 

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