Russia celebrates the All-Russian Day of Reserves and National Parks

Russia celebrates the All-Russian Day of Reserves and National Parks

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Exactly 105 years ago, the first state nature reserve, Barguzinsky, was created in Russia. And the holiday itself, dedicated to specially protected natural areas, was established in 1997.

“The nature of our country is striking in its splendor. Primordial forests in the north, the Far Eastern taiga, Lake Baikal, the subtropics of Sochi - there is no such diversity anywhere in the world. The Day of Nature Reserves and National Parks still reminds us that it is vulnerable and how important the work of the employees is. I thank all my colleagues for the hard work, for the contribution that you make every day to the preservation of the natural heritage of our Motherland, ”said Alexander Kozlov, Head of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources.

Now in Russia there are almost 13 thousand protected areas of federal, regional and local significance. There are 237 specially protected natural areas of federal significance, including 109 state nature reserves, 65 national parks, 63 state nature reserves.

In the last three years only, 16 specially protected natural areas, with an area of ​​4.6 million hectares, have been created on the territory of the Russian Federation within the framework of the federal project “Conservation of biodiversity and development of ecotourism”.

10.5 thousand people are employed in the system of protected areas of federal significance.

Currently, the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia is implementing the national project "Ecology" aimed at preserving unique ecosystems and biological diversity, as well as developing the ecological and tourist potential of protected areas.

Ecological tourism is a priority area for the development of Russian PAs. In 2021, more than 10 million people visited specially protected natural areas of federal significance, which is 40% more than in 2018, the ministry said.

“The increase in the number of visitors was facilitated, among other things, by measures to create and equip tourist infrastructure in national parks, implemented within the framework of the federal project “Conservation of biodiversity and development of ecotourism”. Over the three years of its implementation, 22 ecological paths, 15 tourist routes, 3 visit centers, 5 environmental education centers, 18 tourist and recreational clusters have been created and equipped, vehicles for the delivery of tourists have been purchased,” the agency's website says.

In addition, the reserves are actively involved in the conservation and restoration of certain rare species of animals.

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