Poaching of spawning fish was suppressed in the "Land of the Leopard" national park

Poaching of spawning fish was suppressed in the "Land of the Leopard" national park

Source: Ministry of Natural Resources

The disguised base of poachers who were harvesting spawning chum salmon in the territory of the national park was discovered by state inspectors of the Land of the Leopard national Park (the Primorsky Territory) while patrolling along the spawning river.

“The inspectors of the protected areas noticed the edge of the camouflage tent, which served as a base for poachers fishing. The perpetrators' personal belongings, illegally obtained fish and already gutted caviar were found on the spot. The activities of the violators were suppressed, the information was sent to law enforcement agencies,” the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources said on its website.

Judging by the traces, the camp of poachers was deployed no more than two days ago, two or three people worked in it, catching spawning chum salmon using nets, the department noted.

“The large number of spawning fish in the rivers this year attracts many poachers. Blinded by the size of the catches, intruders seem to lose their vigilance and take enormous risks, as happened in this case. In this regard, we want to warn everyone: catching spawning fish in the territory of the national park threatens with criminal liability. Please remember that the extraction of even one individual can leave a dark mark on the entire biography,” Deputy Director of the National Park Yevgeny Stoma was quoted as saying by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Now, in connection with the massive movement of fish, almost all the forces of the Land of the Leopard Conservation Department are directed to the protection of spawning rivers. Since the start of spawning, 8 criminal cases have been initiated, 42 administrative protocols have been drawn up on violation of the regime, the ministry said.

On the "Land of the Leopard" there are several spawning rivers - Barabashevka, Narva, Brusya, Poyma, Amba. Every year chum salmon and sima enter them for spawning, having come a long way from the ocean.

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