Part of the Great Tea Road is open for tourists in Buryatia

Part of the Great Tea Road is open for tourists in Buryatia


In the Selenginsky district of Buryatia, tourists can now visit the section of the Great Tea Road, which was the main trade artery between Europe and Asia, according to the national tourist portal Russia Travel.

“We have equipped two kilometers of the Udunga tract, now there are places for walking, viewing platforms and a whole range of thematic activities. For example, tourists can look into the Cossack estate "House of the Cossack", where the life of the Selenga Cossacks is recreated, and visit the tea ceremony. Here you can not only taste the tea of ​​the Selenga and Kyakhta merchants, which is served with milk, cream and bagels and drink with crushed sugar, but also see how traditional tea is brewed in Buryatia,” Russia Travel notes.

Along the Great Tea Road, in exchange for tea, Russian merchants brought furs, leather and metal to China and made fortunes in trade. Later, churches and schools were built with “tea” money in Russia, culture and art were developed.

In the 16th-19th centuries, hundreds of caravans and convoys loaded with wagons of tea stretched along the Udunginsky tract from Kyakhta, the capital of the Great Tea Road in Russia, to Verkhneudinsk for the fair, the portal says.

“It was the shortest way from ancient Kyakhta to Baikal. It ran through the headquarters of the Buryat taisha near the village of Selendum, then through the picturesque Khamar-Daban and went to Baikal at the Mysovaya station, Russia Travel notes.

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