National Park "Land of the Leopard" celebrated its 9th anniversary

National Park "Land of the Leopard" celebrated its 9th anniversary


On Monday, the Land of the Leopard National Park in the Primorsky Territory celebrated its 9th anniversary. In honor of this event, the park opened its doors to everyone and told the story of the rescue of the Far Eastern leopard.

The program of the event included lectures, watching a documentary film and a tour around infrastructure facilities.

In addition, a photo-excursion dedicated to the flora and fauna of the Land of the Leopard was placed in the exposition hall especially for the holiday. The colorful photographs taken by professional photographers show the Siberian tiger, the white-breasted bear, the legendary ginseng and, of course, the rarest Siberian leopard.

The holiday took place on the territory of the Central Estate "Land of the Leopard" in the village of Barabash.

The Far Eastern leopard is listed in the International Red Book and the Red Book of Russia.

Land of the Leopard was established on April 5, 2012 by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation. Since then, she has served as the last stronghold of the Siberian leopard - the world's rarest large cat. At the beginning of the 21st century, only 30 predators remained in the wild. Now there are about 100 of them, and the population continues to grow.

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