Kuril Lake froze for the first time in four years

Kuril Lake froze for the first time in four years

Source: https://www.rgo.ru/
The press service of the Russian Geographical Society reported that ice covered the deepest fresh water body of Kamchatka at the end of February. Usually the lake is not allowed to freeze by strong sea winds. For it to be covered with ice, several calm and frosty days are needed.

Scientists could not immediately fix a rare phenomenon. Constant snowfalls prevented the shooting. However, the state inspector of the Kronotsky Reserve managed to photograph the frozen reservoir using a quadrocopter.

Kurile Lake is of volcanic origin. It is located inside a large caldera in the southern part of the Kamchatka Peninsula. Its surface area is 77.1 square kilometers and its drainage basin is 392 square kilometers.

The largest herd of wild salmon in Asia, sockeye salmon, lives in the lake. Chum salmon, coho salmon, pink salmon, nine-spined and three-spined stickleback, arctic char and kunja also spawn here. Sockeye salmon continues to spawn in Kuril Lake until the end of winter, even under ice. For the main part of the future offspring, freezing does not pose any threat.
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