Inaugural East Africa Tourism Expo set for Tanzania

Inaugural East Africa Tourism Expo set for Tanzania

Source: Pixabay

The first-ever East African Regional Tourism Expo (EARTE) is set to take place in Tanzania’s northern tourist circuit of Arusha next month, according to local media.

The Citizen reports that the tourism expo will be convened from October 9 to October 16.

The event seeks to promote tourism attractions in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan.

The expo will be held on a rotational basis among the EAC member states.

EAC Secretary General Peter Mathuki said the region lost about 70% of international tourist arrivals in 2020 as well as tourism earnings and jobs.

"Similarly, wildlife conservation in the region suffered a major blow from the pandemic through loss of conservation revenue most of which is generated through tourists visiting the protected areas and wildlife conservancies across the region," he said.

The tourism sector contributes about 10% to the economies of East African countries.

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