Guide to Russian thermal springs appeared in Russpass

Guide to Russian thermal springs appeared in Russpass

Tourist service Russpass has published a new selection dedicated to popular thermal springs in Russia. It describes seven interesting locations, according to the portal of the mayor and the government of Moscow.

“Traveling there might be a good idea for a vacation. You can take a bath in a mineral reservoir in the Urals, in the Caucasus Mountains, in Altai, in southern Russia, and even near Kamchatka volcanoes,” the report says.

As noted in the mayor's office, one of the most famous thermal springs are located in the Tyumen region. The water temperature in them is kept at 38-43 degrees all year round, and swimming there is not only pleasant, but also useful. In addition, guests will have the opportunity to study the unusual history of the formation of reservoirs.

“In the Far East, there are several similar natural attractions at once. Russpass recommends visiting Sakhalin, where a whole group of thermal springs and mud pots is located near the Baransky volcano under the general name Starozavodskoe thermal field.

The temperature of some of them reaches 100 degrees, others are quite suitable for swimming.

As for the sources of the Altai Territory, their beneficial properties have been known since the 19th century. One of the most popular resorts in the region is Belokurikha, where there is not only beautiful nature, but also a developed tourist infrastructure. In summer, people go rafting or travel by bike, and in winter they go snowboarding.

In the south of Russia, in the Krasnodar Territory, there is a large thermal complex with a swimming pool and a rich wellness program.

“In addition, from the new publication of Russpass Mag you can learn about the famous Shameless Baths in the Stavropol Territory, the personal spa reservoirs of the resort in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic and the hot springs of the Republic of Buryatia,” the City Hall portal says.
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