Free population of bison in "Smolensky Poozerie" will be replenished with six individuals

Free population of bison in "Smolensky Poozerie" will be replenished with six individuals


Six bison from the Oka Nature Reserve arrived in the Smolenskoe Poozerie National Park. At first, the animals will be in the open-air cage until mid-December, and then they will be released into the wild on the territory of the park, where they will join the relatives already living there.

While the bison are in the enclosure, you can get to know them better and treat them with delicacies.

“You can take pieces of apples, carrots or pumpkin with you. You can sign up for an excursion and get a permit to visit the park at the Forester's Cordon on the territory of the reserve, ”the national tourist portal reports.

On the territory of the national park "Smolenskoe Poozerie" there are fodder fields and feeding grounds for bison. If the guests of the park do not have time to catch the animals in the enclosure, then in winter they can go on excursions that are held in the park and watch the wild bison living in the wild.

All the necessary information and contacts can be found on the website of the national park.

The cost of an entrance ticket to the park is 150 rubles. An excursion to the bison enclosure is paid separately (250 rubles).

In 2014, the national park joined the project “Study and restoration of the European bison in Central Russia”. As noted in the information on the Poozerie website, one of the tasks is to create a Russian-Belarusian group of bison. This is due to the fact that a few hundred years ago bison were common in most of Europe, but thoughtless widespread hunting for them led to the almost complete extermination of these animals.

In 2017, the first 11 bison contained in the enclosure were released into their natural habitat.

Today in the Smolensk herd there are several dozen bison, which arrived in Poozerie from different places.

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