Eco- and ethnotourism is being developed in the Surgut region

Eco- and ethnotourism is being developed in the Surgut region


The authorities of the Surgut region may create a new touristic route that will run to the village of Russkinskaya. This will increase the tourist flow within the municipality, according to, citing a local official.

According to the deputy head of the Surgut region, Tatyana Osmankina, the sectors of gastronomic and ethnotourism are gaining strength.

“Therefore, right now we need to create diverse conditions in order to take into account the demand of such tourists, therefore, everything is not simple in the development of such industries as tourism, especially since this task becomes relevant for the country as a whole,” she said.

Now in the village of Russkinskaya, active work is underway to create an eco-park and equip and expand the recreation area located on the lake near the village.

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