Bali reopens for domestic tourists

Bali reopens for domestic tourists


In Bali, natural and cultural tourist destinations would be opened for visitors from 30 July but would not yet reopen its entertainment establishments such as nightclubs and karaoke lounges. However, Bali's hotels and resorts were ready to organize business meetings and events as well, as per media reports.

The Bali administration is currently cooperating with the Denpasar Indonesian Fine Arts Institute (ISI) to hold kecak and other traditional dance performances, by following health protocols.

A three-phase plan for relaxing restrictions to welcome tourists to the island is also being put in place. The first phase started on July 9, while the second phase will be carried out on July 31 by reopening for domestic tourists. The third phase, which is for reopening the border for international tourists, is set to launch on Sept. 11 but not finalized as yet. 

Prior to arriving in Bali, all visitors should also install the LOVEBALI application, which can be downloaded via the government’s official website. The app is used as a platform for visitors to report problems or complaints while in Bali. Visitors are also encouraged to always activate their phone GPS while on the island.

Forests of the Arkhangelsk Region may receive the status of the National Forest Heritage of Russia
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Russian Geographical Society invites activists to a volunteer school in the Tver Region
The Youth Club of the Russian Geographical Society on the basis of the Tver branch of the Society invites people related to geography, ecology, or simply those who love nature and who want to help the reserve to an ecological volunteer school
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Expedition of the Russian Arctic National Park was a success
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