China opened over 22 thousand toilets for tourists in 2019


In 2019, China met its obligations to provide hygienic amenities for tourists, opening 22.3 thousand toilets in the most popular destinations, which is 117% of the annual target

A series of street food festivals to be held in Thailand


All lovers of tom yum spicy soup and other delights of Thai gastronomy this year will enjoy a cascade of events within the framework of the Thai Street Food Festival 2020

Norwegian authorities concerned about the influx of divers threatening orcas


Norwegian authorities intend to regulate tourist diving in the waters of the 30-kilometer Reisafjorden fjord in the far north of the country, because it threatens the welfare of orcas

China interested in cruises to Crimea


Chinese tour operators intend to combine a visit to the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory and South Coast in one cruise

Orcas released from whale prison migrate south


Killer whales released from the Whale Prison migrate south

Egypt expecting over 15 million tourists in 2020 – report


Egypt is expecting the number of tourists to visit the North African country this year to exceed 15 million, according to an official with the World Tourism Organization (WTO)

Starry Bight Harlequin Toad Survives in Colombia


The stunning monochrome starry night harlequin toad, which was considered to have disappeared from the face of the Earth, was found again after almost 30 years in the mountain forests of Colombia

Capsule hotels are growing in popularity in Europe ​


In the near future, this kind of hotels are planned to be opened in all major European cities

Strikes in France hit tourism sector - expert


Patrick Viceriat, expert of tourism, said in an interview with the French channel Europe 1 that strikes against pension reform, which have already lasted 23 days in the country, block tourism in the country

Lapland calls on tour operators to conduct ethically responsible business and not represent Sami as savages


Almost every day, people who want to see shamans and witches come to the homeland of Santa Claus

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