Suisse Tourism launched the campaign "The most beautiful tables in Switzerland"

Suisse Tourism launched the campaign "The most beautiful tables in Switzerland"

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Lunch on board a sailboat while sailing on the artificial Lake Gruyere, tasting Swiss wines and cheeses in the cabin of a gondola lift in the Alps or on a tuk-tuk sofa on a clean electric train while sightseeing in Geneva.

So, or something like this, the federal agency Suisse Tourism suggested that Swiss restaurateurs attract foreign tourists to the Alpine republic.

Together with the Federation of public catering and hotel business of Switzerland, the agency appealed to the owners of restaurants and hotels with a proposal to present exclusive projects that would contribute to the revival of the country's tourism sector, which has been seriously affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

About 80 projects were selected from 150 applications received for participation in the federal campaign "The most beautiful tables in Switzerland", which is aimed at tasting the national dishes of the Alpine country and at the same time contemplating the famous Swiss landscapes.

The condition for the admission of Swiss restaurateurs and hoteliers to the pilot project was the requirement to present particularly original ideas for non-traditional customer service in exclusive conditions with an emphasis on seasonal and local products.

The goal was to provide the campaign participants with an opportunity to demonstrate their culinary experience in an unconventional way, which plays an increasingly important role when choosing a holiday destination, said Martin Nydegger, head of Suisse Tourism.

You can order exclusive lunch or dinner options that have attracted tourists until October inclusive on the online booking platform specially created for this purpose by the agency.

The offers are truly fascinating. What is worth only one feast in a huge bed installed in one of the most fashionable restaurants in Zurich or a candlelit dinner in the house of the Italian artist Giovanni Segantini, known for his mountain landscapes, which he painted in the canton of Grisons.

Closed since the end of December 2020, Swiss cafes and restaurants reopened their terraces to customers only in mid-April, while service was resumed in the establishments themselves at the end of May.

In the first quarter of this year, the Swiss restaurant and hotel sector suffered more than other sectors of the country's economy due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Swiss Ministry of economy estimates losses at 30.4%.

For many centuries, Swiss cuisine has been formed under the influence of the culinary traditions of neighboring countries - Italy, Germany, France. The most famous dishes of Swiss cuisine are raclette, fondue, rashti, cholermus and flour soup.