Expert Reports

Expert Reports

How to join a reserve to get work or training
Specially protected natural areas and potential volunteers cannot find each other
The Lake Baikal ecosystem to be protected with due consideration to the opinion of citizens
The Public Chamber of the Russian Federation worked out the recommendations for the protection of this water body and increasing funding in 2022-2023 for the federal project aimed at the preservation of Lake Baikal
The Pasvik Reserve’s researchers to monitor the ecosystem recovery in the Kola Peninsula
With the support of the Kola MMC, they monitor the state of the Kola Arctic nature after the closure of the MMC in Nikel
Norwegian scientists finally find good news from Norilsk Nickel
For the first time in many years, Norwegian scientists have found only positive news from Russia
Going to visit Belarus
The road connection between Russia and Belarus is expected to start by the summer
It is wrong to call the accident in Norilsk a man-made catastrophe
The elimination of the environmental damage was discussed in Skolkovo
Ecotourism in Russia to become the driver of the tourism industry
The government has worked out the amendments to the legislation of ecotourism
Rosa Khutor celebrates its tenth anniversary
A new chairlift will be put into operation on the popular South Slope this winter
What do you call an ox that gives fibers softer than cashmere and warmer than wool?
About the domestication of the musk ox in Russia for the preservation of the traditional way of life of the indigenous population and the development of the types of primordial economic activities of the northern ethnic groups
Ecotourism development clusters to be created in Russia
Regional development projects to appear in Russian regionNew tourist and recreational clusters will be created in Russian regions

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