Expert Reports

Expert Reports

Kashmir Valley waits for better days…
For more than a month now the Kashmir Valley, which primarily survives on the tourism sector for survival, has been under lockdown with selected restrictions on the public movement in many areas.
Vietnam’s recently developed ecotourism destinations help local communities flourish
Several high-profile tourism and ecotourism projects have transformed some of Vietnam’s ecotourism destinations into highly desirable tourism destinations, with overseas tourists flocking to the country in large numbers to visit those places.
Agritourism in Italy - a beneficial soft power of the provinces
Piggies, the smell of straw, and cockcrowing at dawn ... A designer bathroom, homemade ham and jam for breakfast, 150 TV channels. All this is ‘rolled into one’, on a neat fattoria, 30 kilometers away from Bologna, or near Parma - today this can be in any old place in Italy. This country was the pioneer of agritourism.
Malaysia’s eco-tourism thrives with stakeholder participation
The latest figures from Tourism Malaysia's data portal show that tourist arrivals fell from 26.76 million in 2016 to 25.95 million in 2017, and then down again to 25.83 million in 2018. The dip in 2018 compared to 2017 is mainly attributed to a 14.6% reduction in arrivals from Singapore. Only 10.62 million Singaporeans travelled to Malaysia last year, compared with 12.44 million in 2017.
Of xenophobic violence and threat to South African tourism
The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) said in its annual review released last March that South Africa is the largest tourism economy in Africa.

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