Winter vacation in the Crimea: Active and environmentally friendly
The Crimea is strongly associated with summer vacations, and many people do not even imagine how beautiful it is in winter
In the great spaces of the Commander Islands
Evgeny Mamayev, the acting director of the Komandorsky State Nature Biosphere Reserve told about the breathtaking beauty and grandeur of the pristine nature with its severe climate, about the main tourist attractions
Land of the Leopard: Home to Wild Cats
The traveller Vsevolod Stepanitsky, Honored Ecologist of Russia, Advisor to the Director General of the Amur Leopards Autonomous Non-Profit Organization, tells how they managed to save these magnificent animals
From an upscale Moscow office to the ends of the earth – answering the call of the heart
Director of the ‘Volcanoes of Kamchatka’ Natural Park Lyubov Timofeyeva speaks on what inspired her to change the prestigious post of a managing director at a major company for a post in the ‘remote area’
Yakutia is ready to attract the guests by fantastic beauty of its nature, fishing and cold weather
Irina Vysokikh, Minister of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Tourism of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), tells ‘EcoTourism Expert’ about the country’s most exotic festival ‘Winter Starts in Yakutia’
It has become a popular trend among the directors of the Moscow schools to go hiking
Pavel Severinets, the director of Moscow school No. 444 with a strong focus on physics and mathematics, an experienced ecotourist and initiator of the ‘ДиректорВпоход’ (DirectorGoesHiking) programme, talks about the convergence in the environmental education, why the school’s flag appeared at the North Pole, how to teach ecology to children, and why he was invited to the Rosa Khutor tourist cluster by the ecotourism professionals
Who has not been to Dalny, has never seen Taganay!
Here lies the border of Europe and Asia, and the open spaces of the Park are like a multicolored site connecting the north and south of Eurasia
Director of the Altai Nature Reserve: Living in harmony with nature is not so difficult!
The director of the Altai Reserve about the history of one of the oldest reserves in Russia and its most interesting natural attractions
Ugra National Park: Bison behind the Great Wall of Russia
Director of the National Park Viktor Grishenkov spoke about reserved lands, rare animals and cultural and historical landmarks
Give the local communities the opportunity to participate in hosting the tourists and the success of the eco-project will be assured
The key to a successful ecotourism destination lies in active participation of the local host community, says Partha Pratim Das, a wildlife conservationist from Assam (India)

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