Govardhan Ecovillage project intended to change the lifestyle of Indian villages with the help of ecotourism
“GEV is in the process of making villages, with which it is working, plastic-free”, -  says Gauranga Das, Director, Govardhan Ecovillage - Strategy, Collaborations and Communications
Chairman of the ARSNC Grachev: All our branches ready to participate in the development of ecotourism
Vladimir Grachev, Chairman of the scientific central council of the the All-Russian Society of Nature Conservation and the scientific council of the Russian Academy of Sciences, shared his vision of the possibilities of ecotourism development in Russia. He kindly agreed to answer the questions of EcoTourism Expert.
Sergey Bachin: For the development of the ecotourism, it is necessary to introduce proper order in the legislation
Sergey Bachin, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Rosa Khutor resort, told our correspondent about the challenges facing the development of the ecotourism in Russia and what can be done to solve them.
Flower paradise on the Crimean coast
Ironically, the Nikitsky Garden that survived the most difficult times for the country, in the recent decades was funded far inferior to need, with whatever funds remained, and was hardly able to survive on its old reserves, developments and experience, and equipment. Today, the Garden is experiencing its renaissance. We talked with Yuri Plugatar, Director of the Nikitsky Botanic Garden – the National Scientific Center (NBG-NSC) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, about the tasks facing his team and their immediate prospects.
Alsace Wine Route via Colmar
Travelling in French Alsace with its great variety of sites and picturesque landscapes, it might seem challenging to make up your mind on what to see and what to do. The city of Colmar will certainly attract your attention as it is located in the center of the Wine Route which is recognised as the most famous tourist route of France. We spoke with a representative of the Bomo family, who owns one of the best hotels in the city - the «Le Marechal» hotel (ranked top 3 in Tripavisor).

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