Trees for everyone - or how to address climate change
Reforest’Action, a green company inside and out, is committed to reforestation of our planet. After all, forests are the lungs of the Earth.
Gatchina Palace and Estate Museum to keep on changing for the better
Director of the Gatchina Palace and Estate Museum told about the enormous work to be done to return this unique place to the proper condition
Planting cedars all over Russia
The endeavor of enthusiastic Ivan Sanzharov can lead to a significant environmental improvement in the country
The economic challenges in Zimbabwe are discouraging locals from domestic travel
Zimbabweans want to travel, but economy is bad for domestic tourism
Leave beauty - not mountains of rubbish
Artists of the Art Eco-19-20 project intend to oppose art and enthusiasm to the environmental vandalism
Caucasian Nature Reserve: new opportunities, old problems
The Caucasian Nature Reserve attracts increasingly more visitors. Summing up the results of the past year, Sergey Shevelyov, the Head of the Caucasian Nature Reserve, talked about how they achieved profitability in this specially protected natural reservation via attracting more visitors
Belgian Wallonia: region of ecotourism
The General Commissioner of Wallonia for tourism Mrs Barbara Destrée kindly agreed to tell EcoTourism Expert about how ecotourism is developing in the French-speaking region of Belgium
Low visitors at Rhodes Nyanga Museum, a microcosm of poor tourist arrivals
Eco-Tourism Expert’s Mathew Nyaungwa, who recently travelled to Nyanga with a group of local tourists, spoke with the museum curator Marshel Nyanhanda about the state of tourism in Nyanga, which has a direct impact on their operations.
Christmas and New Year's Eve celebration all over the world
EcoTourism Expert continues its journey through the Christmas and New Year holidays all over the world
This time we start from European Belgium and go to Africa, Asia, the Middle East and complete our journey in Russia
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, France and Switzerland!
As in all of Europe, Christmas is the main winter holiday in France and Switzerland, which is celebrated on the night from December 24 to 25

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The environment Ecology of the Arctic region requires environmentally friendly production technologies
Moorish heritage of Spain