VIIIth Ecological Forum vwill be held on October 17-18 in Moscow

VIIIth Ecological Forum vwill be held on October 17-18 in Moscow

10-17-2019 - 10-18-2019
Date: 10-17-2019 - 10-18-2019
Place: Digital Business Space (47 Pokrovka St., Moscow)

Can big business be environmentally accountable to future generations? How to find a balance between social and economic development of the regions and the preservation of nature? In what way do the sustainable development principles influence public-private partnership? What best available technologies can ensure a good quality of life in industrialized areas? What kind of technological modernization is needed and can be achieved given the present-day environmental regulations regarding industrial production? These and other pressing issues will be addressed at theVIIIth Ecological Forum,Corporate Responsibility to the Future. Technology for Society and Nature,to be held in Moscow on 17-18 October 2019. 

The present Ecological Forum evolved from Environmental Protection and Industrial Activity in the North, an international environmental conference hosted by PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel. Until 2018, environmental conferences were held in Norilsk. Last year the VIIth Ecological Forum, Protection of the Environment and Sustainable Development of Northern Territories, was held as part of the Murmansk International Business Week (MIBW). 

The experience of holding Environmental Forums in past years shows its efficiency as a platform bringing together business, state, environment and civil society stakeholders. Sustainable development is directly influenced by the progress of this dialogue for the benefit of the economy, environment and society. In addition, the Forum serves as a venue for developing the best solutions aiming to ensure industrial and environmental safety, sharing best practices among manufacturing companies in managing environmental safety systems, environmental conservation, and implementing corporate environmental projects. 

The event will be attended by representatives of the authorities, both federal and those from provincial governments of Northern Russian regions, experts, researchers, as well as representatives of NGOs and manufacturing companies operating in the High North. International environmental NGOs are also invited to take part in this Forum. At the Forum, SibFU Environment Foundation, Nornickel, and other large manufacturing companies focused on improving the environment in the High North will present their ongoing and perspective projects in this field. As part of the Ecological Forum, a plenary session and ten panels will be held.