The project "National Museum Routes of Russia»is presented in Moscow

The project "National Museum Routes of Russia»is presented in Moscow

Date: 12-09-2019

The Ministry of Culture will present the project “National Museum Routes of Russia” during a press conference which took place on Monday.

Deputy Head of the Department Alla Manilova talked about the integration of museums at various levels (from federal to private) in national museum routes. In addition, the conference focused on the promotion of the initiative at the national level and the international market.

The press conference was attended by Deputy Head of the Federal Tourism Agency, Advisor to the President of the Union of Museums of Russia Sergei Korneev and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation for the Promotion of the Revival of Charity and Charity Elisabeth-Sergius Enlightenment Society Anna Gromova.

Museums are one of the main parts of the tourism industry. And this is the best possible means of popularizing the country's cultural heritage. For regional museums, the creation of national museum routes offers many new opportunities.

Among the national brand routes, in addition to the well-known “Golden Ring of Russia”, there is the “Silver Necklace of Russia”, uniting historical cities in the Russian North and the entire North-West. There is a route "Russia - the birthplace of space", initiated by Kaluga. There is an “Imperial route” with a radius from Moscow to the Urals, to Yekaterinburg, Tobolsk, Alapaevsk. Also, the route "Russian estates" is certainly valuable, visiting which you can understand where Russian geniuses were born.

National routes offer a journey from museum to museum, and only the most interesting exclusive collections make a part of the list. A special competition is being organized in the ministry for museums, and the department itself begins to promote the winning sites.