Ecological forum "ECO-MEDIA-BARENTS-2019" to be held in Arkhangelsk on October 30-31

Ecological forum "ECO-MEDIA-BARENTS-2019" to be held in Arkhangelsk on October 30-31

10-30-2019 - 10-31-2019
Date: 10-30-2019 - 10-31-2019
Place: Arkhangelsk

The «ECO-MEDIA-BARENTS-2019» forum, which will be held in Arkhangelsk on October 30-31, will focus on the problems of environmental journalism in modern media, as well as building of an objective information field in the countries of the Barents region. 

The topics of the forum are: Russia through the eyes of foreign media, the specifics of “Arctic” journalism, new technologies of eco-media, etc. 

The event was organized by the Association of Environmental Journalists «ECO-Press», the Barents News information agency, Russian Journalists' Union together with the relevant committees of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, the State Duma, the RF Federation Council, with the support of leading Russian media - RIA, TASS, AIF, REGNUM, «Rossiyskaya Gazeta», Kommersant.

Among the declared experts and speakers are representatives of environmental organizations from Norway and Russia, environmental activists of the two countries, as well as social activists, journalists and experts in various fields, involved with environmental issues.

Explore the link to learn more about the event. On all issues of accreditation, as well as on issues related to the work of the media, please contact: or by phone: +79251595149.