To Mauritius - for organic healthy biscuits
In this small country, there are neither antique ruins nor memorial places of glory associated with great battles, nor great names of history, nor casinos, nor even amusement and entertainment parks.
Allure of horseback riding in the dunes of Italian Circeo
Legal horseriding during the low tourist seasons in national parks in Italy
Celebration of the Sun Festival in India
These days, hundreds of thousands of Indian families took part in these special feast rites - Chhath Puja
Dussehra - the all-Indian festival of the triumph of Good over Evil
Every year in October, thousands of tourists from all over the world come in crowds to India to take part in the main Hindu autumn festival, Dussehra, together with almost 1.5 billion Indians.
The Chrysanthemums rule... The autumn ball on the Crimean coast
At the Ball of chrysanthemums, guests can give a name to the new varieties selected by the Nikitsky Botanic Garden.
Ecotourism in Belgian Luxembourg: sleep under the trees
A huge forest in the South of Belgium, located "two steps" from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, will welcome ecotourism lovers with many pleasant surprises.
Happy New Year, India!
While the whole Christian world is only preparing for the main winter holidays, last weekend, India and the Indian and Hindu communities all over the world celebrated Diwali - the New Year - with millions of lights and tens of thousands of fireworks.
People lived in the Arctic
Groups of people used to settle in the territory of the Russian Arctic, notorious for its hostile conditions. During several scientific expeditions it turned out that despite the harsh climate prehistoric hunters were living on Zhokhov Island for a long period of time.
Green Key certificate for sustainable tourism
The two-wheeled passion of Belgians
With the development of ecotourism in Belgium, the bicycle is becoming increasingly popular as a mean of transport. On this indicator, the Kingdom of beer, French fries and chocolate is still inferior to Denmark and the neighboring Netherlands, the two most "bicycle"-countries of the European Union.

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Pollution of the sea near Novorossiysk due to the sunken dry cargo ship exceeded the pollution standards by 260 times