Ecotourism in Belgian Luxembourg: sleep under the trees
A huge forest in the South of Belgium, located "two steps" from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, will welcome ecotourism lovers with many pleasant surprises.
Happy New Year, India!
While the whole Christian world is only preparing for the main winter holidays, last weekend, India and the Indian and Hindu communities all over the world celebrated Diwali - the New Year - with millions of lights and tens of thousands of fireworks.
People lived in the Arctic
Groups of people used to settle in the territory of the Russian Arctic, notorious for its hostile conditions. During several scientific expeditions it turned out that despite the harsh climate prehistoric hunters were living on Zhokhov Island for a long period of time.
Green Key certificate for sustainable tourism
The two-wheeled passion of Belgians
With the development of ecotourism in Belgium, the bicycle is becoming increasingly popular as a mean of transport. On this indicator, the Kingdom of beer, French fries and chocolate is still inferior to Denmark and the neighboring Netherlands, the two most "bicycle"-countries of the European Union.
Sleeping with wolves in Sainte-Croix
The Sainte-Croix Zoological Park situated in the Lorraine National Park in northeastern France offers its guests an exceptional entertainment: sleeping in the park observing the wolves.
Resort at the Uranium Mine
On the central square of the Bulgarian ski resort of Bansko, there is a panel showing the radiation background in the foreland of the Pirin hill around-the-clock. Here, at an altitude of about 1,000 meters above sea level, constant monitoring of the radiation background is carried out). And this is not because of the highland conditions.
For honey and trance state to Nepal
Harvesting mind-expanding honey is becoming a popular tourist attraction in Nepal. The “wrong sort of” bees that make the “wrong sort of” honey is not Winnie the Pooh’s fantasy, but the reality: this sweet course is prepared by the bees of Nepal, collecting the pollen of rhododendron - the country's national flower.
Magic Rock Garden of Chandigarh
How the second most visited tourist attraction in India was created from garbage. Most of the guests come to India to get acquainted with its ancient temples, picturesque forts and magnificent palaces, and their centuries-old history gives them peculiar charm. But there is an amazing ‘new-build’ that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

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