Taimyr Tourist radio channel helps travelers with communication

Taimyr Tourist radio channel helps travelers with communication

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In the Arctic, the Taimyr Tourist Radio Channel (TRT) works for outdoor enthusiasts. It provides high-quality radio communication within a radius of 100 kilometers to hiking tour groups, jeepers, recreation centers, those who travel on snowmobiles, as well as captains of the small fleet, ttelegraf.ru writes.

Radio communication from TRT helps groups of travelers in hard-to-reach places where the signal of mobile phones is not caught, maintain interaction with each other and also, if necessary, promptly contact rescuers. Especially for this purpose several modern digital radio transmitters have been installed on the territory of Norilsk.

Having a radio station in your pocket with a single common radio channel set up has already helped travelers more than once, radio communication has helped organize volunteers, tourists and rescuers during search operations in the Norilsk tundra and the foothills of the Putorana plateau.

In addition, through the radio channel, tourists receive a weather forecast and other useful information, can coordinate changes in routes, arrange a meeting if the group is divided.

Walkie-talkies can be obtained free of charge in TRT.

The project is supported by the administration of Norilsk, Norilsk Nickel, the Russian Geographical Society, the rescue Service, territoryputorana.ru, voluntary movement of Arctic rescuers, Norilsk-Telecom.

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