Ice-resistant self-propelled platform "North Pole" will allow scientists to study the Arctic in comfort

Ice-resistant self-propelled platform "North Pole" will allow scientists to study the Arctic in comfort

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The idea of ​​creating an ice-resistant self-propelled platform was born at the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute. Three years have passed from the bookmark to the commissioning. On September 15, the North Pole set off on its maiden voyage.

The body of the platform has unusual rounded shapes. This design optimally distributes the pressure from the compression of the ice, due to which the vessel is actually extruded to the surface.

The Rossiya Segodnya agency reported that the vessel is 83.1 meters long and 22.5 meters wide. The height from the keel to the top of the middle mast is 42.5 meters, which is equal to a 13-story building. Displacement - about 10.4 thousand tons.

The capacity of the power plant is 4200 kilowatts, or about five thousand horsepower. The diesel engine accelerates the ship to ten. Fuel reserves will ensure autonomous operation of the platform for up to two years. The creators claim that the LSP is designed to operate at temperatures up to minus 50 degrees and a humidity of 85 percent.

The crew consists of 14 people. The captain will control the platform with a special steering wheel, similar to a game joystick.

On board the new ship, scientists will be able to conduct their research in comfortable conditions with all the amenities. The crew will live in single cabins with a bathroom, shower and desk. The ship has a gym, sauna, a small cinema. The equipment of the medical block will allow the staff doctor to perform simple operations if necessary.

The platform also has a landing area for a helicopter that will carry people and cargo.

The platform is equipped with 17 laboratories equipped with modern technology. Scientists will study the natural environment of the Arctic from the bottom of the Arctic Ocean to the upper layers of the atmosphere and outer space.

The vessel is equipped with special cranes with which you can lower the instruments under water. It would be impossible to install such equipment on an ice floe. In addition, sensors are installed in the sides, with the help of which they will determine ice loads, deformation mechanics, and ice destruction when interacting with the platform hull.

The North Pole platform is one of Russia's key projects in the Arctic exploration program. The platform is designed for 25 years. But now they are talking about its possible extension.

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