Creation of textbooks in Enets and other languages ​​of the indigenous peoples of Taimyr will be discussed in St. Petersburg

Creation of textbooks in Enets and other languages ​​of the indigenous peoples of Taimyr will be discussed in St. Petersburg

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The All-Russian Forum dedicated to the preservation and development of the native languages ​​of the indigenous peoples of Taimyr is being held in St. Petersburg at the Institute of the Peoples of the North of the Russian State Pedagogical University. A.I. Herzen from 19 to 21 October.

Among the main events of the forum are the Day of Languages ​​and Folklore of the Samoyed Peoples and the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Enets. Nganasans. Nenets. National and Cultural Identity".

The final event on October 21 will be the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Taimyr Creative". As expected, its participants will set a new vector for the development of ethnic education through the prism of the development of creative industries and ethnic tourism in the Russian Arctic.

In particular, Alexander Stotsky, Director General of the Project Office for the Development of the Arctic, and other PORA employees will talk about projects to preserve and revive the Enets language. There are very few speakers of this Taimyr language left. Therefore, PORA projects are aimed at the creation and consolidation of writing in the Enets language, as well as the publication of textbooks in print and video formats.

In turn, the Taimyr delegation will talk about interaction with NGOs and subsoil users on the development of native languages ​​and culture, as well as share experience in creating and developing teaching aids on the native languages ​​of indigenous peoples.

Within the framework of the conference, an exhibition of teaching aids developed by Taimyr authors on native languages ​​will be organized.

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