Taigan Lion Safari Park reopens in Crimea

Taigan Lion Safari Park reopens in Crimea


The famous Crimean safari park with lions "Taigan", one of its kind in Russia, reopened to visitors after six months. Now, according to the director of the park, Oleg Zubkov, there are hundreds of Crimean visitors every day who are still observing the mask regime and social distancing. Since July 1 numerous guests from mainland Russia are expected here - when Crimea opens its borders.

Safari Park "Taigan" - a private lion park - has the largest collection of predators in Europe and is located in the Belogorsky district of Crimea. About 60 lions live here in freedom, including rare white species. The territory covers 32 hectares, about 20 hectares are reserved for the lions safari park, the rest of the area is a stationary zoo and a children's contact zoo. The Taigan has been closed since December 2019 - at first it could not work due to lengthy lawsuits, and then quarantine measures due to coronavirus.

“We survived, preserved and increased the number of species: new lion cubs, jaguars, bison and monkeys were practically getting born every day,” Oleg Zubkov said. According to him, the park eliminated all previously identified violations. Zubkov also emphasized that the situation with the work of the park is under control of the Crimean authorities, with whom they reached complete understanding.

An adult ticket to a private safari park "Taigan" now costs 1000 rubles, and 500 for a child. There are no discounts and benefits for the visitors.

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