Expert Reports

Expert Reports

Scientists developed a saffron variety that tolerates the hot climate of central India
A precious plant variety can grow there all year round without losing its properties
Sabre-toothed Tauric previously unknown found in Crimea
They're going to set-up a speleo-tourist educational centre on the basis of the cave Taurida, where the remains were found
Tomb raiding in the Balkans
The ‘shadow’ antique market of the Balkans - in terms of profitability and volume - can be compared with the drug and prostitution markets
A place was found in Ethiopia where no life exists
The presence of liquid water should not be considered as an absolute planet habitability criterion - scientists
In the global spice markets, real cinnamon is forced out by its substitute - cassia
Cassia from China, Vietnam and Indonesia is dangerous to health and causes cancer
Human presence in the wild may boost rodents
Human “super predator” becomes protection from other dangers to small animals – study
In India, due to unsanitary habits, 50,000 people die from snakebites per year
Paying that big of a price for bad habits
Ecotourism: 8 tips for sustainable holidays
How to become true ecotourist - tips from European experts
Asia to top the world’s most visited cities list
Hong Kong is expected to maintain its leading position in 2019
Bhutan to levy charges on Indian tourists
Including India, Bangladesh and Maldives

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