A Russian couple were found by police living in a cave in Krabi (Thai)

A Russian couple were found by police living in a cave in Krabi (Thai)

The latest news coming out of Thailand is that a Russian couple, who were found living in a cave in Krabi, Thailand, have been found by Krabi police and are now safe. They have been put up in a hotel in Krabi. The couple is currently staying at one of the 4 hotels that are allowed to remain open. The hotels are open to assist foreigners who are still stuck in Thailand, according to media reports.

 As per the media story, the Krabi police found a Russian couple living in a tent inside a cave in Tonsai Bay after they were kicked out of their hotel, for unknown reasons. Due to the COVID-19 situation they had been stuck in Thailand as they couldn’t return to Russia.

The Russian couple’s version is that they came to visit Krabi Province 2 months ago. Last month the couple visited the police station to file a report after their drone and camera went missing. Later, around the beginning of the month, the hotel was shut down due to new safety measures. So, as they had nowhere to go, they had to find their methods of survival. The couple then found a cave located in Tonsai Bay, set up a tent inside and have been living there ever since.

Finally, when found by Krabi police the couple was taken to a private hospital for a health check and were cleared of COVID-19. As the couple told Krabi police that they could not get back to Russia until the COVID-19 situation improves, the Russian Embassy in Thailand has been notified of the couple for further help in the future. 

In an almost similar story, Tourism authorities in Phuket found the three - stranded Russian tourists (Alexsei Galiev, 31, Nikolai Sharov, 29, and Sofia Sharova, 24) - living in a local temple. Their flight home from the Phuket Airport was cancelled because of the COVID-19 State of Emergency.

It is also reported that a hotel owner in the locked-down island of Phuket put up the three Russians stranded there in his resort for free. The Russian tourists had been sleeping next to a crematorium at a temple since their flight was cancelled. They are presently sheltering at Wat Mai Khao, said Napasorn Kakai, director of the Phuket office of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

The trio is one of many russians reportedly left behind in Thailand due to travel disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. All hotels in the province are supposed to be shuttered per government order. 

Photos of monks donating their alms to Russian tourists on Koh Samui have gone viral on social media in Thailand after they were picked up by a Russian news agency.

Thailand media hope that for the safety of their citizens the Russian Embassy step up and locate stranded Russian in Thailand, and make necessary arrangements for their safe stay in Thailand till they can return to Russia.